Free Music Downloads The New Internet Craze

When you are a music enthusiast, you are permanently striving to take your passion for music to the next level by regularly updating your music collection and looking for information on your favorite artists and bands. Considering the fact that most offline music resources charge considerable fees for music purchases (CDs, cassettes and old records), lots of young music enthusiasts are turning to the Internet for satisfying their insatiable passion for music.

Websites that offer members and / or visitors the opportunity to download free music online and to keep the pace with the latest musical trends and rumors have become increasingly popular in the last few years, drawing thousands of visitors to their online pages every day. By allowing people to access the latest information regarding their favorite bands, solo artists, future concerts and various other music events, as well as enabling them to find and download music from an extensive, well-structured database free of charge, free music download-offering websites are much appreciated by all categories of age, especially the young!

With so many free music download-offering websites out there, the task of finding and downloading your favorite songs is quick and simple. Among the myriad music websites accessible online it is virtually impossible not to find your favorite music in free downloadable format. However, it is important to note that music downloads generally become free only after a certain amount of time, and only if the artists / bands allow it. Thus, due to perfectly understandable reasons, to find freshly released songs from your favorite music artists in free downloadable format and fully compliant with copyright regulations is very difficult. Ignoring this minor disadvantage, free music download-offering websites completely deserve the great popularity and the excellent feed-back they have been receiving these days.

Although the Internet is filled with free music download-offering websites, it is important to separate the good websites from the rest in order to obtain the best results. When you are looking for high-quality music downloads (the best music downloads are usually compressed in 128 kb/s or higher mp3 or WAV format), an extensive, well-organized and regularly updated free music download library and the latest news regarding your favorite music artists and bands, you should only stick with the serious, reliable and dedicated websites. Once you have found the website that can efficiently service your needs and requirements, you can enjoy music downloads and stay in touch with the latest music news free of charge and with minimal effort.

While some free music download-offering websites are only addressed to music fans, others also enable existing and aspiring bands and artists to promote their music online and achieve better exposure. For the unsigned artist, such websites are the perfect place to start building a successful, long-lasting and rewarding musical career. With the help of the previously mentioned websites, unsigned artists and bands can post demo songs, shows, photos, as well as communicate with fans and meet other artists to collaborate with in the future. Nevertheless, this innovative feature greatly improves the prospects of unsigned artists to get noticed by industry professionals and thus accelerate their way to fame and success. Unlike regular free music download-offering websites, the ones that account for both the needs of aspiring artists and music listeners deserve extra attention and appreciation from music enthusiasts.

Mike Tompkins, YouTube Sensation

Recently, Mike Tompkins, the YouTube sensation, helped The Today Show cast to create a viral music video, and it was an amazing experience for all concerned. Tompkins is masterful in the creation of viral videos, and his music videos use his voice. Tompkins’ YouTube video of -Teenage Dream-, originally released by Katy Perry, has had more than five million views on YouTube.

On The Today Show, Tompkins used repeated themes to help the cast to sing in unison, and then create their very own music style. His own YouTube channel has great hits like -Fireflies- from Owl City, and -Misery-, by Maroon 5.

The cast of The Today Show made a video in the style of the Brady Bunch introduction. While he helped them, Tompkins’ video secret was inadvertantly revealed. It is lending his own voice in creating the back-beats for the video, while still using simple recording equipment that could be in your home studio.

There are other viral videos that have followed a similar formula. Pomplamoose, a duo in California, covers songs and makes very simple videos that they post on YouTube. Many of their videos have more than five million hits. They have led even to media appearances and live gigs.

Pomplamoose, like Tompkins, uses popular songs and makes them into homemade music videos, using readily-found editing and recording equipment. The videos take a long time to make, and much of each artist’s work is spent in featuring each one’s unique music styles. Pomplamoose has been using their YouTube fame to get income from their music. They call their music -indie rock- and they have almost 200,000 subscribers at YouTube.

No one knows whether Tompkins was himself inspired by Pomplamoose. That duo has been making their music for about two years, and Tompkins has only had music on YouTube for about a year. Each artist uses different ways to make successful videos.

Pomplamoose uses instruments as well as vocals, whereas Tompkins uses his vocal skills to make his own vocal backup. Both artists are very popular, and have taken YouTube’s platform to its extreme, since they self-broadcast and are very widely noticed.

If Mike Tompkins decides to follow other acapella acts like Bobby McFerrin, he would probably get more exposure in the media, and maybe even release an album. He comes across as quite funny, so he could even be a singing comedian. The most enjoyable part of his appearance on The Today Show was his innate ability to help the cast sound like they have good voices, when in fact, they really don’t sing all that well.

You never know what will be a hit – and what will be ignored – on YouTube, but it’s certainly fun to discover the newest videos and the way people unite around them, showing the power of YouTube.You will get more information by visiting Youtube proxy

Easy Method Copy Music From Windows Media Player To Itunes

Lots of Windows people who got a new iphone want to find out How to copy music from windows media player to iTunes.

If the songs you have got in your Windows Media Player library were normally saved in your My Music folder (or maybe Music in Windows Vista), you can automatically import tracks in to iTunes in a few simple steps. For those who have music kept in other directories other than the My Music folder, you can repeat exactly the same steps for every folder that has tracks you would like to transfer. Check out the steps below to import your audio to Apple iTunes:

Once opening iTunes, do these steps:

1) Just click File > Add Folder to Library and choose your My Music folder.

2) When you have files in WMA format, you’ll be prompted to convert these WMA files to AAC. It’s just a needed step if you need these tracks accessible to enjoy on your iPad .

Convert DRM protected music to mp3

If the track files are in unprotected WMA (Windows Media Audio) format, Apple iTunes will prompt you if you wish to convert the format. Click “Convert” to start the process. This process may take a while, especially if you have a large audio library.

However, if you purchased WMA songs from music store like Yahoo! Music, you will should strip off DRM from WMA then move to iTunes.

There will be two solutions to Remove DRM from iTunes 10 to help you enjoy your tv shows on portable products.

1. Burn WMA videos to CD then convert CD to mp3

You can burn your bought music to a CD, and then import the music and songs into your iTunes library, in so doing creating FairPlay free files. The problem is that you end up reprocessing music that is already been processed for compression, that would harm your music quality.

2. Strip off DRM protection with a DRM Removal software

It is able to record DRM music via sound card while the song is playing, so the output quality to become the same as the original one.

Step by step guide

Download”> DRM Removal and install it. The whole DRM conversion will takes just 3 easy steps.

Step one. Run DRM Converter, import you music files by clicking on ‘add video’ button, usually you may locate your iTunes music via C:\My Documents\My music\iTunes (default directory). You can add individual file or a bunch of files.

Step two. Preview chosen files on preview area just pressing play icon. You have several choices for your output formats. I would suggest you choose MP3 for music, MP4 for film and Tv shows. Then select output directory (which should be easy to remember).

Step three. Finally, just click ‘Start’ button. This DRM Converter will get rid of DRM protection from WMV tunes completely.

Hints: This DRM Converter can also be a efficient Video Converter, when you got any video files that is not compatible with iTunes 9, iPod, iPhone, you can also use it to convert video to any formats you need.

Is There A Significant Difference Between Whole Life And Term Insurance

Is There A Significant Difference Between Whole Life And Term Insurance?

I’ve had several people ask me what the real difference is between Term And Whole Life Insurance, And what their best option is. As much as I like to help, the best that I can really do is explain the difference between the two and the pro’s and con’s of each type of policy. This will let you, the consumer, make an educated decision before you purchase a policy.

Whole life insurance provides insurance throughout your lifetime, as long as you maintain the premium payments. The policy will cover you up until your death or age 100, whichever occurs first. Some of the pro’s of a Whole Life Insurance policy are that you will also build an account that has actual cash value. This is how it works. Some of your premium goes to buy life insurance, and the rest goes into a savings account. You may borrow against this account if you need to, but you must repay the loan. This gives you a bit of piece of mind in case of an emergency like unexpected hospital bills, vehicle breakdowns, home repairs or any other of life’s little emergencies.

Some of the con’s of Whole Life Insurance is that it’s not cheap. The premium payments for Whole Life Insurance coverage will be significantly higher than a Term Life policy would be. Another concern is that, as you get older the savings account feature becomes less attractive. This makes more sense for a younger person because they have their entire lives ahead of them, but for someone middle aged or above, I’d buy Term Life Instead.

Term Life Insurance is just what it sounds like, “Term”. This means that you are only covered for a specified period of time or “Term.” You could buy a “10 Year Term”, a “20 Year Term”, “Recurring Term”, Guaranteed Term”, ect. Does this make sense now?

Term Life is also known as “pure life insurance” because that’s all you’re buying. Some differences between the two policies are, unlike Whole Life policies, there’s no savings account that accumulates or to borrow against. You only pay for insurance coverage. Another con is that, as stated above, some Term policies are only for that specific Term or time frame, not your entire life. See my website below.

Most Term policies are temporary insurance. An example of how this can be used would be for the “breadwinner” of the household who is middle aged, the kids are grown, but still in college, he or she has been paying on their major assets, like their home, ect. for several years and they need some security to make certain that if anything happened, everything would be taken care so that the family could go on without any issues, other than the loss of their loved one. A 10 or 20 Year Term Policy might be a good option for the fictional example above, depending on their specific circumstances

My hopes are, that you understand now why it’s difficult to give specific advice to people without knowing their specific circumstances. Just learning the differences between these two more popular types of insurance policies should help you to further understand how life insurance works. Best of luck! Joe Stewart is a former Life & Disability agent. He’s made understanding life insurance more manageable for consumers. You can read detailed information about life insurance at his website or by clicking on Whole Life Insurance Quote Online

The Importance Of Branding Music Merchandise

Musicians these days have a very difficult time selling their music; most of it falls victim to piracy. Thats why its more important now than ever before to sell as much merchandise shirts, posters, buttons, etc. as humanly possible. Some bands are better at this than others, but one band stands above them all: Insane Clown Posse.

One of the most impressive things about the Insane Clown Posse isnt their success, their hatchetman logo, their enormous Juggalo fan base, their own festival, their wrestling league or their expansive record label — its their unprecedented line of merchandise, or ICP gear. Thats why artist merchandise like ICPs gear is so important it goes a long way in making up for lost revenue from illegally downloaded CDs.

Necessity of the Hatchetman

Merchandise is much easier to sell when theres a recognizable brand or logo plastering the item. When people like associating with your brand, theyll take every opportunity they can to do so. Most artists have logos built around their name, but nothing more.

What makes ICP exceptional is that they have a band name, an aptly named record label (Psychopathic Records), a name for their fans (Juggalos), and a maniacal cartoon (the hatchetman) to brand it all with. Thats why all of the Jokers Card faces are so crucial to the success of Insane Clown Posse.

If it werent for Insane Clown Posse member Shaggy 2 Dope sitting down and sketching the now famous hatchetman logo on a napkin back when the band was just getting started, ICP gear would not have nearly the significance it does today.

Product Variety

Aside from having multiple brands, the objective for every band should be to have as many individual products to sell as possible. If we were to list all of the hatchetman-branded ICP gear items out, it would take up multiple pages. The fact is, Insane Clown Posse members Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope realized the importance of diversifying their line of ICP gear early on, and today, theres a multitude of ICP gear out there.

ICP Gear Diversification

Yes, Insane Clown Posse has branded traditional items like clothing, jewelry and accessories with the hatchetman as part of their ICP gear line. And, also to be expected, ICPs gear line is stocked with all of the music and other media like books and movies theyve put out under the Insane Clown Posse name over the years.

Not to be expected — and this is what makes them so unique among bands today is the collectibles section theyve built into the ICP gear line. Insane Clown Posse comic books and action figures based on characters in those comic books have become something that diehard Juggalos pine for regularly.

Insane Clown Posse have even gotten creative with their traditional ICP gear items like clothing, extending it to include items like backpacks, wallets, and school supplies. Back to branding, much of these items are stamped with a Jokers Card face or the hatchetman.

An Example Of Indian Musical Instruments

If you have heard something about the musical instrument of India, then most probably, you are familiar with the kind of music that they have. India are most of the time have this passion when it comes to music. So it is not surprising that they have lots of instrumental instrument that they are using whenever they want to play it and have to unwind their mind with music that they would always wanted.

When you go to India, you will notice that this country is a country of diversity and is a rich of culture country. They are rich in culture in the sense that they are preserving all the things that are part of their history and their heritage. You can say that this country is a country with a traditional living but still contemporary. They are not left behind about the things that are happening in their surroundings and the things that are currently in the trend.

When it comes into their music, they have a passion into it. They are good in playing instruments that are good to hear. These instruments are divided into many categories depending on different types of classification. A significant classification is based on the mechanism used for producing sound under which instruments are divided into four basic categories. These categories are the strings, percussion, wind and brass. They are classified according to how they are being played.

One example of their musical instrument is the tabla. This instrument is a very popular percussion in India. It is consist of two drums called as the tabla and dagga. The tabla is the treble drum and is generally made of wood and the top is covered with stretched skin. The skin is wrapped around the wood frame with the help of leather strings called the wadi and the round wooden blocks called the gatta. The tuning is done with the help of a hammer which is struck to the on the gatta to tense or relax the skin. The dagga is generally made of brass or copper. The tabla is about 11 inches long while the dagga is about 10 inches long. This is a good instrument that is commonly used by the Indians.

Of Mp3 Players And Other Music Players

When many people think of music players they mostly seem to associate that with mp3 players. In most cases this train of thought is very true and many music players that are used now are mp3 players. The main reason many people use an mp3 player is because of its ease of use. You can fit many songs on to one and it is much more portable than other music playing products that came before it. Some music playing products that came before it like portable CD players and even a Walkman had their own drawbacks that made them cumbersome and not as easy to use.

With these other types of music playing devices you had to carry other music items with it to be able to listen to music on them. For example, With CD players you would have to carry a book of CD’s in order to listen to different bands or types of music and sometimes the CD would have a scratch on it. This made the older types of music players very inconvenient and harder to use.

With the invention of MP3 formatted music that comes off a computer, it started to make life easier on those people who like to listen to music on the go. The time of scratched CD’s or broken tapes is in the past. With these new devices you have no skipping in music and you don’t have to lug around other accessories besides your small portable mp3 or music player. With an mp3 player you can fit many different bands and types of music on one device and not have to change out a CD or tape to listen to a different one.

Almost any mp3 player uses a type of flash memory to hold all of your songs on it. So however many different songs you want to put onto a device is dependent on the size of the memory that is installed into it. Many of these devices also have a expansion slot in them to add extra SD or micro SD memory cards in them for added space for your expansive music collection.

There are many different types of mp3 and music playing devices out there and many of them have different features. Some of these even have the ability to be able to play videos on a portable screen. This is just one of many different things that many different types of music playing devices can do besides playing music. The multifunctional aspects of these devices just adds to the want and need for them by many people.

The invention of the mp3 has made the ability to have music on the go so much simpler. Everyday there are new things being invented in this field that just add on to the coolness of them and will just continue to make portable music listening simpler. People will continue to use these types of music devices until the next thing is invented that will be much easier and will take portable music listening to the next level.

Carp Bait Recipes And Homemade Boilies And Paste For Beating Ready Made Baits!

Carp Bait Recipes And Homemade Boilies And Paste For Beating Ready Made Baits!

You can break free from the confusion and costs of ready made baits, instant attractor pineapple and butyric acid baits etc, and food baits right now! There has never been a better time to take control and make very uniquely potent secret homemade baits to beat even the best ready made food baits! Improve your big fish catches for life; read on!

If you think about carp baits it is very likely that your mind brings up images of boilies, or perhaps other baits such as hemp, or tiger nuts, or pellets, hempseed, or even maggots for example. But in all likelihood you will probably have been picturing boilies, and perhaps your favourite brand or flavours relating to these. One of the most powerful things you can do to significantly improve your big carp catches is to erase these kinds of associations. Bear with me on this as it leads you to where you need to be in being an exceptional homemade bait maker of baits that beat any popular readymade food bait!

The reason for this is that if your starting point in bait is focused upon brand, or flavours or traditional old school paradigms of bait design then you are definitely not actually thinking like a fish, but like an angler. Free your mind to think fresh thoughts and think out of the box, and provide your fish with completely new bait experiences. Being different is the biggest edge in carp fishing and this is because carp constantly dynamically adapt towards any new threat and popular readymade baits are a threat because they have so many commonly used features, characteristics, substances, formats and applications. But think like a fish and your results will improve because your focus in exactly the place it needs to be!

It may seem odd, but the fishing tackle and bait industry is about profit margin and the bottom line and this means aiming to get maximum sales from the massive majority to hit the biggest numbers! This means that they inevitably are drawn towards encouraging and exploiting a form of psychological conditioning which is very apparent in sports such as carp fishing and football. Check this out and you will find that anglers tend to think you are odd if you do not use any branded fishing gear or the most popular baits on their water! Yet one of the most proven ways to catch some of the least caught fish is to give them something different to what they are familiar with!

This actually means that in many cases you might think you are using the best bait, but it is simply that everyone else is using it that makes it appear good. For instance if everyone used Marmite bread paste instead of Mainline Cell on every water it is being used on, then results might make very many anglers think that Marmite paste was the best bait in the world because of so many fish being caught on it! I am not joking when I suggest that if you made a paste using very ripe liquidised papaya, Marmite, probiotic yeast and the most yeasty smelling bread you can find, that you will do very well indeed against Mainline Cell! But that is not my main point, and I wish to really open your mind to vaster possibilities for improvement of your catches!

Carp behave in relation to stimuli, and give them new and different stimuli and they have to really focus on the new and different in order to determine if it is an opportunity, or a threat. Therefore the easiest and most simple way to get around conditioned carp caution and get more bites is to make it as difficult as possible for carp to avoid capture by thinking differently, and being different in your resulting actions (your different thinking with result in different but highly beneficial actions in your entire fishing process!)

If you are different then anglers tend to be suspicious of you; they most often perceive you as a threat because you are not like them. But how many times does a new angler on a so-called hard water come along and instantly have the kind of catches that the regular anglers simply do not experience? It is about differences and refined differences of many kinds. You might say that an exceptional angler is no different to an average angler, except for the fact that all the slight differences in thinking and awareness, the slight refinements in the whole process all add up and make all the difference!

Many carp anglers follow fashions not simply to use the latest gear to look good, or use a popular bait because they really do not understand how to think like a fish instead of a company hypnotized sheep, in effect. Many anglers buy what they do to fit in with the crowd, and companies really love this kind of fear of not fitting in with the herd or tribe, as in Tribal gear or clothing or whatever.

I have got to say how powerful the media really is in conditioning anglers. For example I actually had one guy on the bank tell me that Mainline Cell was the best bait in the world, yet he had not caught on it for 4 days. Yet within twenty minutes of changing over to a couple of homemade baits I gave him, he caught two carp (including a personal best forty.) These fish were hooked right over all the bait he had been feeding his swim with (and the fish were in the swim all the time,) but the lake had been bombarded with Cell by the majority of anglers that fished there. The homemade baits I gave him were not instant highly flavoured baits nor traditional food baits, but something very different!

The average carp angler tends to be of a younger age and is actually more likely to feel safer copying the herd to fit in, and this is a proven psychological behaviour expressed by human males mostly below the age of 40 plus; before a stronger sense of personal individual personal power and personal identity and awareness of unique individuality has been gained.

Generally speaking this means that football fans or carp fisherman will tend to belong or have a kind of brand loyalty towards one particular club or brand so most often a football fan will not be a fan of two clubs at the same time, and for instance a carp angler may well be a fan of Mainline or Korda, or of Fox Tackle or Nash Baits etc.

Think about it; is your focus on particular brands? My point is that carp have not interest in whether you wear Diem clothing, or use Shimano reels or use Mainline Cell. Apart from fish location and correct rig dynamics and bait presentation for a particular fishing situation, two of the most important factors in your success are these:

Bait which stimulates feeding behaviours of one form or another which actually gets your hook into the mouth of a fish (despite wariness and caution.)

Use of an exceptional hook with correct length, bend, angles and ratios to maximise hook point access and penetration, with a hook point which instantly penetrates with absolute minimum resistance to at least 4 millimeters depth, with no pressure from a lead at all. To achieve such a hook point finesse involves lengthy manual sharpening to take the hook point to a thickness far thinner than any hook on the market. (If you want to see a picture of such a hook as this which is the ideal hook point then contact me!)

The chances are that if you are focused upon brands and have a fixation with brand loyalty, then you feel a fear of change, even guilt at changing brands. Maybe you might not feel any guilt in connection with brands, but more a confusion about which to use. Going back to thinking like a fish it takes all focus off such irrelevant matters when you focus upon why and how fish actually feed upon bait.

When your focus is on this you can very easily catch big fish after big fish without using any expensive brands of tackle at all, and if you want proof of this I will be very happy to show you pictures of my 21 (to date,) UK forties, caught on minor brand (or totally unbranded) fishing gear. These fish were invariably caught by focusing on the how and why carp actually manifest feeding behaviours in the presence of totally unique baits.

My homemade baits are not food baits in the traditional sense of high nutritional or balanced nutritional stimulation, but they are certainly not based around concentrated flavour attraction and low bioactivity carbohydrate boilie base mixes.

There are other paradigms of bait that you can exploit, which beat readymade food baits, and that is a proven fact. If you want proof, well I have been doing this for years.

If you want to immediately become limited by your own focus upon searching for recipes then please realise that once you get a hit of fish on your water those fish will not simply keep consuming it as if it was not a threat. Few big carp are not under constant pressure today, and to have an incredible arsenal of 100 percent guaranteed successful options of variations to your successful baits is really a gigantic edge, and that is something I can provide and been increasing my capacity to provide for the past 6 years, especially as this has been my full time job!

Prices for raw material have been zooming up in recent years and this includes the price of eggs and carbohydrate ingredients traditionally used as cheap bait binders. But most of all, the prices of high protein additives and ingredients has shot up. From the perspective of an average carp angler addicted to using fish meal type ready made food baits, this probably means nothing, but I can tell you now that stocks of one of the mainstays of fish meal baits will not be available soon due to collapsing fish stocks and rising prices. L030 soluble fish protein from Sopropeche is a massive part of the success of so many ready made fish meal baits, but other fish products are becoming more and scarcer. For instance tuna meal used to be easily available. Check out the situation now!

My point is that for those anglers addicted to fish meal baits please bear in mind that with the gigantic demand now from India, China and other countries for raw materials, fish are on the point of becoming not merely an unsustainable food source, but not a viable option at all in regards to fishing baits in the future. Even the management of fish stocks around the relatively rich UK sea fish stocks has led to 50 percent of all fish caught by trawlers being dumped (dead,) back into the sea.

I have been brainwashed in the past into exploiting fish meals as it was the fashion, but in fact I have never caught more fish than average using these, compared to exploiting other substances, and this is due to a number of significant reasons.

The fact is that far too many anglers have been sucked into a form of hypnosis where thinking beyond old paradigms about baits generates a degree of fear and suspicion. What if I suggested that you can catch just as many big carp by not using food baits, and not using highly over flavoured attractor baits? (This is what I have been doing for years.) Of course if you are skeptical of this just remember how successful baits like rig foam, fake corn, hemp and maggots are!

In thinking out of the box of traditional bait paradigms you can forge your own unique directions and paths in creating very unusual new homemade baits, and new exciting applications of these, and exploit these to catch far more than the average angler using ready made food baits!

In my case I realised years ago that carp are literally dependant upon how their sensory systems and internal processes etc have evolved in direct response to the available nutrient sources which have been most energy efficient to exploit along the time line of carp evolution which obviously have resulted in maximum chances of carp survival and ongoing reproduction right down to today.

Thinking like a fish using this bigger picture plus many other aspects really has a massive impact upon the roads to travel along and exploit in your bait making. No longer are you going to be trapped in an L030, and green lipped mussel type traditional paradigm, but will immediately see other options which carp are exceptionally sensitive to! This is something very close to my heart because this kind of thinking, that we are individually evolved in response to food most available in our environment along our own unique genetic lineage is highly significant to our health. We all as individuals have unique differences in our nutrient requirement levels, abilities to digest, or assimilate various substances within foods, and we individually differ in terms of our unique sensitivities to potent substances not associated at all with nutrients!

For example, some people are allergic to strawberries, and some people hate the smell or taste of fish. Some people can smell and taste the kinds of soil that a variety of grape has been grown in, from the compounds in the wine being tested. This is about thinking like a fish, and not about brands or media induced mass hypnosis and conditioning towards one brand or another.

I do not think about what name my bait has, or how many of my friends or high profile anglers have caught whatever number of fish on any particular brand of bait because my baits stimulate feeding because I focus on why and how this occurs in maximised and truly optimised ways within my unique homemade baits. Whatever readymade baits historically or currently being used on a water I fish are completely irrelevant! I hope you really get this point and why this point is so important to make because I know so many anglers are really fixated by what brand of bait is being used by others on their water, when in fact it is simply not even something a thinking angler gives a single thought to because it truly is irrelevant when you have correct focus and are thinking like a fish and not an angler!

For instance I use unique homemade baits which exploit bioactive substance potency which reward fish internally. These substances, components, compounds etc may affect many or just one specific aspect of fish leading to fish taking the bait into their mouths. My baits for instance may boost health, vitality, immunity, or providing particular benefits not directly related to nutrition at all.

Some aspects of my baits for instance increase stamina in fish, or relieve muscle tension and relax fish making them more energy efficient and able to feed for longer with more intensity thus increasing chances of more bites. Other aspects of my baits or variations of my formulations and recipes improve heart, or vascular system, or liver performance. To do this can be extremely simple involving basing a bait on one particular substance, or building the bait around a type of stimulatory substance used in a very high level or maybe one that works in incredibly low level.

So for instance many substances I might choose from work best at a mere 1 gram, or 4 gram or 11 grams per kilogram of base mix. But I can assure you I’m not that accurate about weighing everything because I know from practiced experience that the major danger in baits in giving them something they have already been hooked on!

You can begin to see that maybe my baits work not as typical food baits but may be designed to have a number of a single primary internal or external effect or impacts. So instead of a food bait aiming to provide a balanced amino acid profile, or water soluble vitamins or certain forms of omega 3, my homemade baits may be created specifically towards effects and impacts for instance provided by substances that assist carp in balancing vital cell pressures internally, or acting as stimulants of gut villi growth (thus improving food assimilation of nutrients,) or as very significant growth enhancers. Some of my baits might operate specifically in terms of massive palatability impacts and internal cellular energy releasers for example.

My homemade baits might even actually provide beneficial gut flora, or stimulate the activity of these highly beneficially, or supply the actual primary food of gut flora. (I bet you would like to know what this is as it is very stimulating indeed!) Such things are not secrets but are simply waiting for you to discover if you open your mind and look for a bigger picture than the modern carp fishing industry in its modern context, and read further!

So go beyond prevalent popular perceptions of food baits, spod or stick mixes, fashions like the salt fad, flavours, and ingredients etc that are promoted via videos or magazines and put your mind where it is most powerful, inside that of a fish! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

Multiply your catches for life with these world-wide proven expert readymade and homemade bait secrets bibles: BIG CARP FLAVOURS FEEDING TRIGGERS AND CARP SENSES EXPLOITATION SECRETS! BIG CARP AND CATFISH BAIT SECRETS! And BIG CARP BAIT SECRETS! NOW VISIT: CARP And Catfish BAIT SECRETS at BAITBIGFISH.COM

Internet Radio And Other Music Awards

Singers and bands have loyal fans that stick with them through the thick and thin of their music careers. Annual music awards are a time for the fans to vote for their favorite musicians and give praise for their musical talents. Singers and bands not only get recognition and some type of fancy award, but their careers are usually increased in ratings. There are genre specific music awards, general music awards, and online music awards. Here is a look at an Internet radio awards and some other music awards.

Perhaps the most well known music awards are the Grammy Awards show. It is an annual award given to musicians that are the best in the business. They receive a golden gramophone statuette that solidifies their place in the entertainment industry and their outstanding achievements. The Grammy Award is presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The categories you can win an award for are: best new artist, album of the year, song of the year, and record of the year. These categories are also handed out awards for certain genres.

There are other music awards that take place every year that are genre specific. They are less prestigious than the Grammys but can still boost a musicians career and get just as much hype and audience attention. Other annual awards are the County Music Awards, the MTV Video Music awards, Texas Music Awards, Independent Music Awards, and the Brit Awards for example. These music awards recognize achievements for musicians who make music in their genre such as country, hip hop, or alternative music.

Internet Radio is just as influential as traditional radio for promoting a band or singer. Annually, there are the Internet Radio Awards that are held online. You can vote for your favorite Internet radio station, and they will win an award for best program online. If you have a radio station online you can either nominate yourself or one of your listeners can nominate for an award. It is a great way to see what stations there are around the world and to recognize the hard work that your favorite Internet station does day to day to provide you with great music to listen to.

If you want to discover music from around the world, or nominate an Independent musician for their work, you can vote for them at the International Online Music Awards. They are held every year, and you can vote for your favorite Independent band or singer to win an award. A lot of popular mainstream artists have been discovered by their online music. The Internet is very powerful for boosting someones career.

Relaxation And Meditation Music By Gulan

In this traumatic world where each moment is speeding up by, one excellent method to get entertainment is music. Yoga is excellent and mediation is yet superior, however meditation music is the finest. You can be on the go, until now listen to some calming tunes that touch your heart and encourage your senses. Yoga and meditation need time and space, but music can take pleasure in at anytime, anyplace, even while doing work.

And if its Gulan music, your complete time can get changed into a spiritual odyssey. Gulan is a famous musician of electronic music, which is too recognized as ambient music, space music, or new age music. This is combination music, which go through the senses of the listener and stimulate his inmost feelings. Because of its peaceful nature, this music is time and again played as background music in centers teaching yoga and meditation. As the tunes strike your ears, it makes a vibration thats out-of-the-world. You discover yourself peaceful, with improved your mental power and focus. Yoga mutual with healing music by Gulan is the wonderful food for the mind.

Spirit of The Sound

Ah! This album is a voyage into your realization! An incredible unify of meditative, therapeutic, and ambient music, Gulan has created an outstanding mind tool for people who put into practice meditation and spiritualism.

The album consists of four tracks. Each one is different stages that show the approach the mind into the thoughtful condition and keeps it there.
The four tracks are:

* Transcendentia it triggers attentiveness
* Spirit of the Sound it brings relaxation, and makes you travel deep into your internal space
* Awakening it cleanse the mind, and encourage self realization
* Altai 2 this is the end stage. It drag you out of your thoughtful state and maintains balance of mind attained throughout the earlier stages

The exclusivity of this album is that there is no crest or go down in the music. Its soft, tranquil, and flows at the similar level, piercing into the inmost corners of your perception.


This another time is an outstanding attempt By Gulan to generate recreation music for the divine souls. The album consists of four tracks:

* Aqua 1
* Aqua 2
* Sphere 3
* Antigravitation
* Sphere2

Each track helps you unearth your innermost feelings and seeks divine peace. You begin to question your purpose of life on earth. Is rushing to the office, toiling hard on the job you hate, and returning home with the worlds frustration bottled up in your mind, your lifes purpose? Somewhere, amidst the chaos of life, your real self gets lost. This is when healing music comes to the rescue.

The most excellent results of Gulan music can be attained by sitting or lying in a tranquil pose. But, that doesnt mean you cannot pay attention to it when on your toes. Listen in to Gulan and feel the vibes of cosmic energy make active your brain and pacify your senses. This is music for the core!