Reasons You Should Listen To Music More

Did you ever consider the idea of trying to listen to music more? How far did you go with the idea? Although many have thought about it at one time or another, few have ever actually gotten serious about it. Some lack the energy or initiative to ever really get started off. Some were uncertain about where to start, so they just fiddled around and never got started. Some got turned off, scared off by the unknowns. Still others didn’t understand the benefits, lacked good information, made a half-hearted attempt, failed and turned to something else.

You get a clearer picture of what action to take when you have enough info. So let’s go ahead and examine 3 reasons why you might want to listen to music more.

Reason Number 1, music is a powerful tool to change your mood to anything that you want. O.K., I understand you when you object that music can spread bad messages, and is full of violence references I concede your point, but music can be a tool to spread good messages, that can help people love and live life in a great way.

Second, music can just make you feel great when you are feeling down. Plus, you get to listen to great musical instruments. And you can listen to the different perspectives people have about life

Third and last, you can create music that makes you feel good, such as playing the piano. This will most likely mean that you become a much more creative person as a whole. Once again, you listen to a lot of different genres of music to find high quality things that you love!

Think about those three reasons, consider them. For many, they make a compelling case for seriously considering trying to listen to music more. Do they convince you?

Seriously now, just think about it for a moment. Don’t those reasons apply to you? Perhaps you really should listen to music more.


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Contributions Of R&b Music Artists

Rhythm and Blues, popularly known as R&B music is a genre of music which has its roots in Afro-American culture. It is widely accepted as a fusion between two genres of music jazz and blues. It came into existence in 1940s, but was formally accepted by music enthusiasts in later part of twentieth century. R&B music exploded in the 1970s with bands such as the Jackson 5, Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder and the popular Motown sound becoming the defining sound of popular urban culture. Later we would witness R&B superstars such as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Usher Raymond and Chris Brown becoming genuine global superstars selling millions of albums and generating billions of dollars in revenue.

The introduction of music video channels such as MTV and BET Television saw the popularity of R&B music and R&B music videos grow even further. Where for the first time the public could watch live and recorded Hip hop music videos and R&B music videos of all of their favorite artists from the comfort of their own home. The King Of Pop Michael Jackson was just one of the R&B singers to benefit from the growth and popularity of R&B music videos. Other stars such as Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake would become global icons because of this exposure.

The advent of the internet increased the popularity of both Hip hop music videos and R&B music videos still further as it has seen dedicated urban music websites such as showcasing some of the hottest Hip hop music videos and some of the best R&B music videos from the hottest artists around.
Of the modern day R&B artists many critics include R&B superstar Chris Brown as one of the biggest global R&B music icons. From his delicious debut single Run It with its amazing Chris Brown music video which became his first number one single to his current hit Deuces R&B superstar Chris Brown continues to dazzle his fans with incredible stage performances, stunning R&B music videos and incredible multi platinum selling albums.

R&B star Beyonce Knowles is another R&B artist who can claim to be a genuine global R&B music superstar. The talented R&B singer famous for her incredible stage performances; her infectious R&B songs and stunning R&B music videos has also had three platinum selling albums. Beyonce`s music videos for songs such as Crazy In Love have also dominated MTV`s playlists in recent years and with a new album planned in 2011 many critics are already suggesting that R&B superstar Beyonce Knowles will continue her reign on her throne as the true Queen Of R&B music.

R&B star Akon is another R&B artist who has achieved huge success over the last few years. Akon made his debut with his excellent Trouble album in 2004. He rose to prominence with the single Locked Up with its stunning Akon music video. His second album Konvicted was also a huge hit and it would appear that another global R&B superstar was born. Further R&B singles were released including the delicious Smack That which was also nominated for a Grammy Award and with Akon all set to release his brand new album in 2011 it seems that this talented R&B artist is all set to top the charts all over again.
There are many other prominent artists such as Brandy, Monica, Omarion, Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Mario who have achieved incredible success in the R&B music field and have continued the incredible popularity of this genre of music. And with more R&B artists appearing each year such as R&B star Ne-Yo, Ciara and Trey Songz this trend is set to continue well into the next decade.

What Is Needed To Record Music At Home

Lets begin on some of the stuff you will be needing to record music at home . Just remember this is for beginner home studio fun. This isn’t for setting up a professional recording studio. But no to worry, you will be able to make pro sounding music.

The Computer:

your going to need a half way up to date computer. I use this system. Pentium 4, 160GB HD, 2g of ram. your going to need a sound card and a CD-R drive. If your system is more powerful then mine, you should be able to handle the requirements. also, I run on a system that I only do home recording on. There are no other things done with this computer. That’s why i can get away with an older system.

Sound Input:

Now that we have the system we need an input to get our recordings with. This also goes by other names such as soundcards or mixers. What this does is connect the audio to your system. This can be used to connect your instruments/vocals or what ever it is you would like to record. Some can get costly, other you can get for next to nothing. I purchase one off E-Bay for around 20 bucks. we can discus the ones you should buy later. For now we can make it easy. They come in 2 types. External or Internal. The difference is that one is plugged in to your computer from the inside (Internal). The external can be plugged in on the outside. I like external to record music at home. It’s simpler to install. most are Plug and Play. Some are midi enabled.
I like the Tascam US-122 which is not produced anymore (They make a new version of it). It has everything I like to use for recording music.

Software and Applications

This is the backbone of recording. This is what is used to record, mix, and polish your music. Now i’m not sure which is the greatest choice, (Remember we are not making a pro-studio.) but i can direct you to good software for good prices. the one i like is the Sony Acid line. This stuff is simple to operate. It uses multi-track recording and sound effects. You can get this one for about 60 dollars. Some input devices come with software.

Have fun and Record Music at Home.

Independent Music Distribution, 3 Easy Ways To Distribute Your Music Independently

Independent music distribution is now a great and effective way for artists to get their music out there. Trying to make it on your own in the music industry isn’t easy and anyone who is a music artist knows that. One of the many obstacles that we independent musicians face is distribution of our music. It’s one thing to flip the bill for recording, then having to pull some money together for packaging, then finally having to come up with ways to distribute it, and keep low costs if any.

I think the cheapest way to sell your songs is online in mp3 format. There are services and sites out there that let you upload your music and have it available for people to purchase and download. I believe that most of these services charge a fee per download but it’s worth it for the convenience, for you and the costumer.

Another way to distribute your music online is through your website. It’s the same concept as using another service that provides your music ready for download but instead you host the mp3′s. Upload the songs into the c-panel of your website. Put each song in its own folder so you can charge a fee per song. You will need a payment processor account for this but most of them are free to use. People will simply come to your website, pay a small fee for the song, and then instantly download it. That’s a fast, easy, and convenient way to distribute your music.

Since youre not signed to a label yet getting unsolicited music into a record store will be difficult. I will tell you what I did and it worked out great for me. I’m sure you have some mom and pop or independent type record stores in your area. Go to these stores and ask them if they will let you sell your packaged music there. They may want a percentage for each copy sold but who cares, your music is in a record store. Having your music in stores makes your group seem a bit more professional then other groups that don’t. When you are trying to impress important people in the music industry little things like having your music in a few record stores does make a difference.

Independent music distribution has improved so much over the years. You now have the resources to have you music heard all over the world.

Haitian Music

Ok, everyone, if you are looking for a tremendously entertaining site about Haitian Music, we have found one. Tout Mizik is a wonderful site just full of music. There is everything you could ever want on Haitian Music. There are interviews of all of your favorite artists including Alan Cove. The interviews are full interviews and include many of the questions you always wanted to know.

Music videos abound at this Haitian Music site. As soon as you open the site there is a great video already ready to play. The music is fantastic and the quality of the video is unbelievable. You can find many of the very best videos on site and there are extensive archives. There is no charge for the site and you can pull up almost every video recently on the market. What better way to decide what you might really like to buy? Buying the wrong video can be a pain but if you have seen it ahead of time, you are bound to choose the right one.

There is a featured Haitian Music section where you can listen to your favorites. Todays site features, of course, Alan Cove, Djahout Mizek, Jasmine, Misty Jan, Sweet Micky, Bilo and many others. There are multiple recordings from each of these and all of your other favorite artists. They also have sales going on for both Haitian Music videos and Haitian Music recordings.

Many sites only allow you to see archived recordings but this Haitian Music site allows you to watch the trendy new videos also. Today some of the new videos there are Alan-Cove ZinZin, Alan Cove Zin-Ti Randevou, Cant Do This T-Alan Cove and Tou Moun Sou D Dean Junior.

There are also the most watched Haitian Music videos including AOL w-Dean J- Dean Junior and Fast Car-Wiki-Wycliffe Julian, Fantastic!!! These are really great. Haitian Music video can sometimes be hard to find but not here. There is all the best videos and music.

You can listen to the complete Haitian Music recording at this site. You do not get just a small clip. The same goes for the videos. They are fantastic. The length is great and the quality of the video is great. This is where you want to go for great music and video

This site also has Haitian Music information, including some of their sites on Facebook. You want to go their facebook site for sure if you like Haitian Music. Add them to your list and keep track of what they are doing all the time. This is the way you can keep updated so you can visit the site often and when they add things you are interested in.

So, if you are trying to find a great Haitian Music site and you want to watch great video, as well as get great value for your dollar, this is the site for you. You can buy any and all of this Haitian Music or the videos at great prices at this site and it is also a very customer friendly site. Have a great time reviewing and buying.

What Is Reggaeton Music


Reggeaton music has its own beginnings within the very same places that afro-cuban and afro-Caribbean music does. Greatly inspired by the reggae and rock steady island styles of music which were fostered within Jamaica, reggaeton additionally mixes in a heavy dose of the latin inspired sound which spreads throughout afro-cuban music. With this particular healthy mixture of fascinating styles, reggaeton has quickly become probably the most interesting brand new forms of Spanish language music. For people who are interested, simply search the internet to find a web page where you can download music for free. There are many sites which will allow you to listen to and download it.

The Initial Days

When reggaeton truly first skyrocketed in the mid 1980s, it didn’t attain the level of mainstream popularity that it has today until just a few years back. The early days of reggaeton had been much like the early days of punk rock or perhaps blues. Bands played the style within their local area and created quite an impression, but didn’t do much beyond their particular local area when it comes to marketing music or getting the style out there. Rather, these people fostered a feverishly loyal local fan base which ultimately forced the style to mainstream popularity.

Rise to Popularity

Ultimately, after many years of the reggaeton style traveling under the radar, it skyrocketed to the popular music scene in about 2004. It was partly because of the influx of Spanish language artists gaining popularity in mainstream American as well as European music. Musicians like Shakira as well as Christina Aguilera, Rick Martin and Enrique Inglesias made Spanish music a viable commodity within popular music, opening the doorway for many of the reggaeton musicians that are well-liked today to get their name out there.

Well-liked Artists

One of the most popular reggaeton musicians out there these days is known as Don Omar. Often called El Rey, or “The Rey”, Omar has attained a level of recognition that is extremely hard to obtain in mainstream music when you’re a Spanish speaking musician. Thanks to his ingenious blend of Spanish and also English as part of his music, you can find a lot of his work readily available for download on music websites that allows you to download free music. Many of the reggaeton artists that are popular today owe a lot to Omar, since in the event it weren’t for him they might have never gotten popular enough to have their songs presented on website that allow you to download free music.

Importance Of Music Videos

Music videos represent a very important part of the music industry. There are even artists that owe their careers to their music videos. Music videos have become a venue where music artist is given a chance to impress the public not just with their vocal talent but also with their looks or moves. There are people who become an instant fan because of the music videos they see on TV. It even gave birth to a new type of video directors, those who has credits in making popular music videos. Although there are some video directors that dont specializes in music video directing, there are many who started their directing profession in directing very well known music videos. This is a very important lesson to those directors who are just beginning and trying to make a name in the industry. Directing music videos can be their stepping stone on the way to movie directing that they desire.

Music video is not that important before as it is today. MTV (Music Television) was one of the pioneers that take advantage of the power of music videos and discovered its importance to the music industry. Since 1981, MTV started broadcasting in the USA. From that day on music video gradually rule the music industry. Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles was the first video ever played on MTV. MTV instantly become of the most highly controversial show on TV. Some people saw it as the beginning of a new era in the music industry, where people can show what they got aside from singing. On the other hand were people who considered it as an end of true musical talent because artists will become more appreciated if they have good looks instead of having great vocal abilities. Music video aims to deliver the song or give meaning to the song. People can easily relate to the song once they see where it is intended for. It can help listeners relate to the song and somehow feel that the song was written for them.

Today, music videos have already proven how essential it is to an artist success. It is now considered as important as the song itself. There are artists and songs that have become so popular and well known because of their music videos. The industry have also found new ways to generate additional income from selling music video collections that are being sold on tapes or DVDs. Music video creation no matter how small or big the project is can give jobs to people. From music directors, artist and down to the smallest staff also benefit in creating music videos. There are some fans that enjoy watching music videos because of its artistic value. Some fans also think that music videos should be assessed based on its visual qualities and not on the song quality. Although there are many people who think that the song is only secondary to the music video, the music video will only be a tool for the business and will be used to sell the song of the artist.

How To Share Music From Ipad To Itunes On Mac

Apple iPad has released for several months, questions about it come along,one of the most surprising questions we get from new iPad users is whether they can Transfer Music from iPad to iTunes on Mac if they arent purchased and downloaded from iTunes Store. The answer is yes, of course you can. In most cases, its just as easy (if not easier) than buying directly from Apple. In this how-to, well focus on transfering music from iPad to iTunes that arent purchased through iTunes. It takes a few extra steps, but it can be done.

Fortunately, there are a lot of programs to transfer iPad music to iTunes library in the internet market now. Here I found one iPad to iTunes transfer software to help and it works well and very simple to use.

The following show you How to Transfer Music from iPad to iTunes on Mac by this software.

Step 1: Download and launch iPad Converter Mac Suite. Run the software, connect iPad to Mac, this software will automatically detect iPad, then the iPad icon library and playlists will appear in the main menu. Related information about iPad shows in the right window. Such as, type, capacity, version, serial number, and format. You can see these easily, when you come into the main interface.

Step 2: Click “Music” button in the left side, all the iPad songs will appear in the file list. You can check before the songs you want to transfer Music from iPad to iTunes. This iPad to iTunes Transfer software support you add more than one files to transfert at a time, if you don’t transfer all the songs, you need to click the “check” button one time. It is very easy-to-use and friendly interface.

Step 3: Click the “Export->Export to local” option on the “File” top-menu, or directly click the “Export checked files to local” button to export and select the target folder for saving iPad Music in the dialog box that appears, and press “Save” button and start to transfer music from iPad to iTunes.

Meanwhile this software contains the following Features:

Mac to iPad Transfer
Transfer music, videos, photos, TV Shows and podcasts from Mac to iPad library without using iTunes;

Backup iPad files on Mac
Retrieve iPad music, videos, photos, ePub, TV Shows and podcasts files for backup on your Mac; Mac iPad Converter
Convert DVD movie or all popular video formats to MP4 and MPEG-4 for playback on your iPad, iPod and iPhone;

Rip DVD music to iPad converter
Easily rip DVD audio and movie music to MP3, AAC, M4A that can be played well on iPad, iPods and iPhone with excellent quality of sound.

So by using this iPad to iTunes transfer you can effortlessly transfer music, Photo, ePub, albums, playlists and video back to iTunes.

How to Convert iTunes music MP3 to M4R iPhone Ringtone on Mac for free

You may want to change your iPhone ringtone from time to time but do not want to pay $1.99 for every ringtone. In that case, make your own ringtone sounds to be a good idea. However, there would be another problem which is iPhone ringtone can just be the format of M4R. Then, what can you do? You may need a converter to convert various video or audio formats especially the most popular audio format MP3 into M4R. Here is a MP3 to M4R converter to solve your problem. With this MP3 to M4R converter, you may not only convert audio format into M4R ringtone, but also take soundtrack from video formats and convert them to ringtone. Check the following easy steps for converting MP3 to M4R.

Step 1: Input MP3 Files Click the icon to open the ringtone maker and drag MP3 file directly to the program for making ringtone.

Step 2: Trim MP3 Music to iPhone Ringtone Drag and drop the slide bar to appoint the start point and end point for your iPhone ringtone length. Alternatively, you can type exact time value into time-setting box. You can choose to preview the whole YouTube audio or video or just the trimmed part.
You can enlarge the waveform to make more specific trim.
If it is video, you can preview your video on the bottom of the left side. Click I, there would be a screen to preview the video.

Step 3: Convert MP3 Music to M4R Ringtone After trimming, click Start button to generate the ringtone. The trimmed MP3 music would be converted into M4R ringtone and saved on ringtone category of your iTunes.
If you tick Export to iPhone option, the created ringtone will be automatically be exported into your iPhone.

Now you can enjoy changing your ringtone randomly as you like!